Rotorua Chartered Accountants

At Nairn Fisher, our Rotorua Chartered Accountants help clients to grow their net worth and protect their assets. We have been doing so since 1948, which is why we are regarded as one of the most experienced and skilled accountancy firms in the Bay of Plenty. We are much more than just great Rotorua Chartered Accountants. Nairn Fisher have always been one step ahead of accounting technology over the decades. We can offer expert advice in the best technology and accounting software for your business. We are Xero accounting software experts and were the first NZ independent accounting firm to become a Xero Platinum partner.

For When Everything is Going Right

We pride ourselves on having sharp commercial acumen as well as being forward thinking and innovative. Our mission is to assist you to grow and protect your assets and to make your business a success. Our team of Rotorua Chartered Accounts take away the business financial stress, so that you can concentrate on running your business!

Aside from offering top quality services in the traditional areas of accounting and tax we give advice in the areas of

Business growth

Asset planning & tax structures


Succession planning

Retirement planning



Information technology


Business valuations

Business recovery and insolvency

Relationship property

Litigation support

Our traditional services include

Financial statements

Management reporting

Income tax




Cash flow forecasting

Strategic planning

For When Everything is Going Wrong

Despite the very best intentions and the very best systems and support, running a business isn't always plain sailing. Our team at Nairn Fisher will stand by your business during the tough times. We can be the buffer between your business and lenders, banks, the IRD and any creditors. We want to ensure that your business has the best chance of surviving any tough times, should you choose. If the situation becomes unrecoverable, Nairn Fisher would have already implemented an asset protection structure to minimise risk and potential financial liability. We are experts in protecting our clients through business recovery and insolvency, business valuations, relationship property disputes and litigation support.

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