Asset Planning & Tax Structures

If you are in business and you want to protect your assets then asset planning and tax structures should be of importance to you.

Asset planning and tax structures is the process of using tools such as companies, LTC companies, trusts, contracting out agreements, wills and enduring powers of attorney to protect your assets and pay the least amount of tax you have to. There is no one right structure and the competing interests of tax minimisation, creditor protection, relationship property and providing for dependents all have to be taken into account in designing a structure for you. When we recommend structures our preference is to work with your lawyer.

Nairn Fisher is uniquely placed to assist you with your structure as we have experience in both designing structures and in breaking down structures as liquidators and forensic accountants.

To find out more ring Don, Peter or Jasen on 07 343 1002 or enquire here.

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