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Navigate complex situations with Nairn Fisher's expert guidance. From business valuations to insolvency engagements, and assistance in legal disputes, our team's extensive courtroom experience ensures you're in capable hands.


Business Valuations

Our Rotorua business valuation team pride ourselves on our ability to produce a top quality and accurate valuation. Most valuations are required for the sale and purchase of shares between directors or for transfer to a related Family Trust. For these engagements we can produce a robust cost effective valuation. Firstly, we will advise you if you actually need to pursue a full assessment. Sometimes an entity is too small or the issue sufficiently narrow that a business valuation is not required.

The process requires a high degree of technical knowledge as well as a good deal of judgement and our Rotorua business valuation team excel at the challenge. It is often said that a good valuation is more of an art than a science.

Navigating the Sale of a Business 

For many, the goal of a business is to realise an eventual business sale. At the least, you may need a succession plan or management strategy. It’s important to have an accurate idea of what your business is worth before you decide to sell. Nairn Fisher can assist you in determining a suitable price tag for your business.

Other scenarios

Sometimes matters are a little more contentious such as for relationship property division or in a dispute between shareholders. In such scenarios, where there is a possibility of litigation Nairn Fisher are able to produce a comprehensive valuation of an extremely high standard, suitable for legal scrutiny and Court. 

For further insights, do not hesitate to reach out to the Nairn Fisher team.

Litigation Support & Disputes

In business there is always the risk of a dispute with customers, suppliers, competition or even staff and between shareholders or partners.


The costs of litigation are often prohibitive and the wider financial and emotional costs together with the litigation risks can be considerable. These costs are often underestimated and the benefits overestimated. We believe any difference of opinion should be resolved in a rational and logical fashion without the need for costly legal intervention. Sometimes however the choice is between litigation or doing nothing.

We have experience in negotiating settlements, running litigation and giving evidence in Court. Using this experience we provide an independent voice for clients faced with all the issues of heading down the litigation path.

We also provide expert financial evidence to solicitors in loss of profits and contractual disputes.

Relationship Property & The Property Relationships Act


The end of a relationship is usually a difficult time. The division of personal and business assets add considerably to the human and financial cost of the process. New Zealand law has well established laws around the division of relationship property. This is because of the establishment of the Property Relationships Act 1976.

With many years of accounting experience, we are skilled in advising clients at such difficult times and as such are well placed to provide expert evidence to solicitors. Typical issues are the valuation of business entities, trusts and often shareholder current accounts. Often, simply calculating the total costs of the assets to be divided can be a monumental task.

While the basic principles of business valuation are the same for relationship property, there are some key differences. Relationship property issues require a detailed understanding of the process. There are also specific issues connected with relationship property to consider. With extensive experience of the requirements under the Property Relationships Act, we are extremely well placed to assist in property division. Recognised for our expertise in the matter, we have previously presented on relationship property valuation issues to New Zealand Law Society members.

We are here to provide independent and unbiased advice, whilst aiming for the best possible outcome for our clients. To find out more contact the team at Nairn Fisher today.


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